Beach Ride






Ride the turf and surf the waves with your horse. Starting with a few turns in the arena with our well-trained Guides -  the ride takes you along the beautiful Sunrise Beach. Removing the saddles, get to know your horse on the shore and swim bareback in the cool Caribbean Sea.  To enjoy this experience Riders must be comfortable on their horse with or without a saddle and swim well!  Very personal attention is provided with one of our experienced guides assisting just two guests.


Helmets and life-belts, which are provided, are mandatory.


Length: approximately 1 hr. and 45 mins.

Restrictions: Riders must be over 10 yrs. old and under 220 lbs (100 kg).

You will need: long pants/jeans and shoes/sneakers with swimsuits underneath. 

Don’t forget a small camera!

Time: 9:00am

Beach Experience US$200.00  







If you are ready to join us, e-mail or call us at (876) 919-4621 and let us know when we can welcome you.